Got Any Questions?

  • What is this solution.
    It is a productivity software. This solution is to convert the manual office to a virtual office. All the details of the work, files, documents, library, digital signature stock etc., can be transferred to cloud using this solution.
  • Who can use this software?
    Any service organisation having fewer level of hierarchy (2-4 levels) and not having a strict hierarchy-based operations. The software developed based on open information sharing system, rather than the closed information sharing system.
  • Is it difficult to start using the software?
    It is designed as a plug and play solution. However few points to be observed to check the setup for customer specific set up, and to add clients and staff.
  • If the software is free?
    The software is free for use up to 45 days after the expiry of 45 days, the paid subscription starts
  • What are the settings we have to do?
    The settings to be done are the roles, locations, client groups etc. All the settings are available in setting tab, which are easy to understand and complete the settings.
  • What are the information we have fill in?
    To do the effective working the client has to put in the following information’s
    a) The details of the client b) Staff Details
    c) Templates for the regular work of the office
  • Whether the owner personally Involve in filling these details?
    The owner can give admin right to staff and tell them to start inputting the details. However, verification and supervision will give an error free data.
  • Whether the data are safe?
    The data is under the password control of the administrator of the client. The software company cannot see the data of the client. We have also taken adequate precaution for the data security. The sensitive data’s such as client information, staff information etc are encrypted.

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