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A productivity solution which compiles routine office management function in one place.
It categorises data into work, task, clients, staff, library, files, documentation,digital signature tracker with
detailed information. Further process data based on the updates
and give complete reports to help the office administration.

Supports work from home

Supports work from home

Being cloud based solution for office management, the users can get the details of their task and update the same. A real time work discussion and notifications makes the team informed about the entire office information at one place.

Ease of Office management

Ease of Office management

The management can access the information sitting anywhere. Updated information’s will be made available based on the progress of the work. With the help of detailed reports informed decisions can be taken.

Detailed Information at a click

Detailed Information at a click

The Drill down facility and multiple reports helps to gather the required information.

Informed decisions

Informed decisions

The due dates of the works, the progress of the work, staff wise work details, client-based work details, the overall progress status, and many other information will help the management in taking informed decisions.

Excel based Reports for further analysis

Excel based Reports for further analysis

The reports can be exported to excel and using excel further analysis and formatting can be done for the reporting purposes.
Our key features

Our key features

  • Access Control through permission

    The owner can prescribe roles for each level of staff. Based on the levels the permissions are given. The permissions are basically right to create, edit, delete, modify, view etc. The staff can only perform the work as per his permission. This facility will ensure the data security.

  • Multiple Reports

    There are options for multiple reports. The reports are categorised into staff reports, client-based report, time-based reports etc. These reports can be generated in excel, so that the user can modify the reports as per his requirement.

  • Operation from Multilocation

    Being the software is hosted in cloud platform, the data can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Custom Settings

    The solution comes with a custom set up to start operations. To get more information’s the client has to make his own settings. The solutions provide flexibility in start using the solution with bare necessary fields are compulsory.

  • Definable hierarchy

    The organisational hierarchy is defined from the owner to the staff, and this can be further modified and created as per the client requirement. The workflow is based on the levels, the hire levels will get all the status of the works done by the staff below the level

  • Work-task Management in a single data base

    The work is divided into tasks. Tasks are further divided into checklists. This helps in micromanagement of work. Each work can be divided into tasks. These tasks can be defined by the client, as per the workflow of the office.

  • Document & Library Management

    Document management is the file management system. The files can be managed based on multiple location. Place to Rack number is captured in its sequence. Place > Building > Room > Shelf > Rack

  • Multiple Filtering Options

    There are options for filtering such as client, work type, staff name, month year and many more. These filtering can also be used in combination of each other. The effective use of these filtering will give precise information of the work and task.


Advanced task management solutions that works for clients!

  • Advance Planning by defining start and end time
  • Progress Monitoring at any time
  • Structured working through standard SoP at task level
  • Easy Duplication of tasks to multiple clients
  • Documentation tracking from document number to location
  • Library to record details of books and other literatures

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